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Fly Fishing Guide for the Green River Wyoming
The uppermost part of the Green River in the National Forest area can be floated in a
rubber raft type boat but there is a lot of white water than can be tough to navigate. I
would suggest only doing that with someone experienced at it for the first time. It can
also be fished from the bank and by wading the stream. Below the National Forest land,
you will have to have permission to fish the river because most all of it is own private

At the public access area just North of Warren Bridge on highway #191, you have
plenty of water to fish by wading it. There is also a boat launch in case you prefer to
drift fish the river. This area can get crowded during the peak fishing times. It is also
popular with the Jackson Hole guides. This section is an eight mile drift with a takeout at
the Forty Rod Access near the Daniel Fish Hatchery. This area can also be fished by
the wading angler.

Below the Daniel Fish Hatchery area, there is seventy miles of river before it reaches
the Fontenelle Reservoir. There is little access and almost all of the river flows through
private property. Access occurs only at the bridges. If you drift any of this part of the
river, you must remember that you have to make it to the next takeout area to get out of
the water. You cannot even drop anchor in the stream without violating Wyoming law.

The river is not fishable for the month of June and part of July most years due to the
Spring runoff. It is purely a freestone stream subject to Mother Nature. The next area to
consider fishing is probably the best one - the tailwater below Fontenelle Reservoir.
There are some huge rainbow, brown and cutthroat trout in the tailwater section. The
water normally stays clear about the entire year except below Slate Creek which enters
the river a few miles downstream of the dam.

This area is extremely remote. There are no nearby towns and few facilities within miles.
The river is easily accessed in the Seekakadee National Wildlife Refuge. There is also
access just below the dam. The river can be floated in a drift boat or fished from the
bank or wading in many areas.

There are lots of big, deep pools and long, deep runs in this section of the river. The
river is high during the spring runoff period, but it is still plenty fishable. Most of the
fishing is done with large streamers and big nymphs. There is some dry fly fishing but
by far the best way to catch one of its large trout is below the surface.

The best way to fish the tailwater section is by drift boat. You can cover a lot of water
and fish a variety of different places that the fish may be holding. While the river holds
some huge trout, the numbers of trout are comparatively low with some streams.
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