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Fly Fishing Guide for the Green River, Flaming Gorge Utah
The river is basically divided into three sections, mainly because of the access areas and
put in's and take out's. The first section, which is about 7 miles long called section A by
some, is the most popular and it carries the largest population of trout. Its entirely within the
Red Canyon. The second section, called section B is about 9 miles long. It doesn't have
quite the population of the upper section but still has plenty of trout and some very large
ones. About half of this section is within the Red canyon. The third section, or section C, is
about 12 miles long with several launch ramps. It is the least popular section and hold the
least fish per mile but is still good fishing water. There is one notable tributary, the Red
Creek, and it flows into the Green River with muddy water at times, making the lower
section unfishable when this occurs.

The upper part of Section A is generally flat and deep with mostly a smooth surface but it
also has some areas of class 11 and 111 rapids. It's almost always extremely clear. It has
mostly rainbows but also browns, cutthroat and some hybrids. The lower part of section A,  
has some good wading water with some pocket water and shallow riffles. It also has some

Section B is dominated by browns with fewer rainbows, cutthroats and some hybrids. It runs
from Little Hole to Indian Crossing at Brown's Park. The canyon widens out and the water
slows slow some. This is where Red Creek enters which can muddy the water after a heavy
rain. This section contains some class 111 rapids. This is a good area to wade with some
pocket water and some flats.

Section C may hold the largest fish but the fishing is considered inconsistent. It loses it's
canyon and the surrounding terrain levels out, making windy day as big factor in fishing this
area. It's easy to wade this section and it also makes for a comfortable float with less traffic
and pressure from other anglers.
Green River Flaming Gorge Utah
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