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Hatches and Trout Flies for the Green River, Flaming Gorge Utah
Tailwaters get their aquatic insects from the original stream or river that was damed. In this
case, the Flaming Gorge Dam formed a large reservoir that lies in both Utah and Wyoming.
The discharge is from the cold water in the bottom of the lake. That changed some of the
aquatic insects in the stream below the dam from that of what once lived in a warmer river
for most of the year. Even so, the Green River has a unique and diverse aquatic insect
population. The hatches change depending on the distance you are fishing below the dam.

Most of the insects are midges and scuds. There are also some mayflies, stoneflies and
caddisflies. Over the years, there have been more and more of these. The first mayfly and
the most abundant mayfly is the Blue-winged Olive. They start to hatch in late March and
peak in late April and early May. The hatch ends in late May. These are bi-brooded and
hatch again in September, October and early November.

Pale Morning Duns hatch start hatching in June and last on into mid August. Tricos hatch in
late July, August and September, mostly in the lower section of the river.

Little Winter Stoneflies start showing up in March and last into the first of May. Golden
Stonflies hatch in June and last into mid July. Little Yellow Stoneflies are also present. They
start hatching in June and last well into August. These are called Yellow Sallies by most

American Grannoms, or Little Black Caddis, start hatching in April. There are more than
one species and the hatch last on into August, depending on the section of the river you
are fishing. It isn't normally a heavy hatch except for a short period of time in late April.

Spotted Sedges will show up in April and last all the way to September. The hatch peaks in
July. Their Little Sisters are also present. They start hatching in May and last until August.
Green Sedges are fairly plentiful. They start hatching in July and last on into the first of
October. Trout can be taken on imitations of their larvae, or the Green Rock Worm,
year-round. You will find some Great Gray Spotted Sedges on the lower river in July and

Scuds and sowbugs are among the most plentiful trout foods found in the tailwater. Trout
feed on them year-round.

Minnows, baitfish and sculpin are in all sections of the Green River. Streamers are effective
all year on the Green River, but especially during the fall spawning time of the brown trout
which peaks in November.

Craneflies start appearing in April and last for at least six months. We have imitations of
their larvae and the adults.

The terrestrial insects along the banks of the Green River tailwater consist mostly of
beetles, crickets, grass hoppers, Mormon Crickets, ants and Cicadas. The Cicadas hatch
begins in the middle of May most years and stretches well into June. Grasshoppers, ants
and beetles start showing up along the banks in late June. Trout can be caught on
imitations of them on into early October.

We recommend our "Perfect Flies", not only because they are the most realistic of all the
insects and other trout food, but also because they are the most effective flies to use to
catch trout. Our canefly, scuds, sowbugs imitations are far superior to any. Our caddisflies,
such as the Great Gray Spotted Sedge, are unique to the species and perform far better
than generic caddisfly imitations. If you haven't already tried "Perfect Flies", then we
certainly hope you will do so. We are confident that you will find them very effective on the
Green River.
Green River Flaming Gorge Utah
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