Green River North Carolina Rainbow Trout
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Fly Fishing The Green River In North
The Green River is located not far above the North
Carolina - South Carolina state line on the North side of
the Saluda Mountains near Hendersonville North
Carolina. It's a tributary of the Broad River. There are
two lakes along its way - Lake Adger and Lake Summit.
It has a population of rainbow, brook, and brown trout.
Fly fishing the Green River varies depending on the
way it is managed at the particular location you are

The small section of the river between Lake Summit and
the Fishtop Access Area along the Green River Cove
Road in Saluda is managed as wild trout waters. Below
that point, the Green River contains both delayed
harvest and put-n-take waters.

The stretch of the river below Lake Summit flows
through the Green River Game Lands owned by Duke
Power Company. It extends downstream to just above
Lake Adger.

The section below the I - 26 bridge to the Fishstop Falls
Access is also managed as wild trout waters. This
section can be accessed from near the U. S. Highway
#76 Bridge. It flows through a canyon type of area
called the Green River Gorge. The I - 26 bridge that
passes over the gorge is 225 feet high - the highest
bridge in North Carolina. The Green River Gorge is
beautiful and rugged area. The river drops 440
feet within one and a half miles in the gorge and as you
may expect, has plenty of rapids. This area, called the
Narrows, is big time whitewater. There are 16 miles of
hiking trails in the gorge section. Although it isn't easy
to access, this section of the Green River provides
some very good wild trout fishing for those that go to
the trouble to get to its waters. .

From Fishstop Falls Access to Cove Creek, a distance
of just over three miles, the stream is managed under
the North Carolina "Delayed Harvest" regulations. The
Fishstop Falls Access can be accessed from Green
River Cove Road. This section can be fished from a
boat or by wading. The last access point downstream is
located just above Lake Adger at the Big Rock Access.

From Cove Creek downstream to Brights Creek, the
Green River is stocked and managed under the state's
regular hatchery supported rules. This section of the
river is just over four miles long.

There are four small tributary streams between the two
lakes - Big Hungry River, Fulloms Creek, Camp Creek
and Cove Creek. Both the Big Hungry River and Cove
Creek are stocked. The Big Hungry River flows through
Green River Game Lands and can be accessed from
Deep Gap Road, which follows along part of the stream,
or at the intersection of Ridge Road and Adams Road.
There are trails leading up and down Green River from
this access point. The other tributary stream that hold
trout, Cove Creek, has public access on Green River
Game Lands from the I -26 Bridge downstream to the
Green River. It's a relatively small stream that's
regularly stocked.

Remember, this stream is a tailwater fishery below Lake
Summit. You should check the stream flows and
anticipated dam discharges before making a trip. Its
wasters are subject to fluctuate.

The season is open year-round
Winter fishing is effective below the dam using midge
imitations and on warm days.
Spring is the best time for fly fishing the Green River
because of its hatches of aquatic insects.
Summertime is okay because of the cool water
discharge from the depths of the lake.
Fall is also a good time for fly fishing the Green River.

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Green River North Carolina
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Type of Stream

Rainbow Trout (wild and stocked with
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Southern North Carolina

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Year-round except closed during the
month of March in hatchery
supported waters

Good but hiking required to reach
parts of the stream

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