Green Spring Creek
Angie Marsh fishing Green Springs Creek
Copyright 2018 James Marsh
Fly Fishing Guide for Green Springs Creek Pennsylvania

It is not that difficult to fish from the bridges. That is your first best choice if you are
going to fish the wooded sections. If you fish the meadow areas or open areas, you
have to be just about as careful with the heavy grass along the banks as well as
that in the water. If you can make a good presentation, and keep the fly drifting
drag free, you stand a good chance of catching a trout.

If the trout refuse to take a dry fly, you may want to try a scud or sowbug fly. I
usually add a split-shot of lead a few inches above the fly. Cast it into the open
areas where the grass isn't showing and work it along the bottom as near to the
grass lines as you can get it without hanging up. This isn't exactly easy to do but it
usually pays off with a trout. You can work midge larvae flies the same way. They
work great when the water is cold. It is slow fishing but it can be rewarding.

If the stream has been recently stocked, it is usually very easy to catch several
trout. It is more of a problem not hanging up than it is catching trout in that
situation. The wild trout are not that easy to catch.
Green Springs Creek
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