Green Springs Creek rainbow trout
Green Springs Creek
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Hatches and Flies for Green Springs Creek Pennsylvania
The fly you should use on Green Springs Creek depends greatly on whether or not
you are in an area of recently stocked trout, or you are fishing for wild or holdover
trout. The newly stocked trout will take just about any fly. Probably something with
some flash to it adds to its effectiveness.

The most consistent hatches are midges. They hatch year-round and trout can be
taken on imitations of midge larvae, pupae and adults throughout the year. Don't think
because the flies are small, the fish you will catch will be small. Large brown trout will
readily take a hook size 24 fly.

Blue-winged Olives are the next most consistent fly to hatch on Green Springs.
Cinnamon and Spotted Caddisflies will be about as plentiful from May until October.
The largest hatches are probably the Tricos. They hatch starting in July and last
through most of September. Sulphurs also hatch but not usually in large quantities.
They start around the later part of June and can hatch through July.

The bulk of the trout's diet probably consist of scuds and sowbugs, also called
sowbugs. Sculpin and crawfish are also plentiful.

We recommend our own "Perfect Fly" scud, sowbugs, sculpin, and other flies to match
the hatch. They are far more realistic and effective than most patterns commercially
Green Springs
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