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Fly Fishing Greys River Wyoming
The Greys River starts in the Wyoming Mountain Range
near the Wyoming and Idaho border. It flows for fifty
miles into the Snake River just above Palisades
Reservoir near Alpine. Its main species are cutthroat
trout in its headwaters and cutthroats and brown trout
in its middle and lower sections. It also has some
rainbows and brook trout.

The Greys River can be accessible from the Greys River
Road its entire length. There are many access points
along the road. The best fishing starts just after runoff
ends in June and continues on into October.

The Greys River is best fished by wading although it is
possible to fish from a drift boat in some areas. It has
plenty of cutthroats ranging from 10 to 16 inches. Its
lower section has some large brown trout. These large
browns move out of Palisades Reservoir up into the river
to spawn. In the Spring, big rainbows move out of the
lake up into the stream to spawn.

The Greys River has several tributaries. One that has its
own share of cutthroat trout is the Little Grey River. It is
unique also in respect to the fact there are no dams its
entire length. It is filled with boulders and pocket water
from one end to the other. There is rarely any pressure
on any particular stretch of water. The stream is lightly

If you are looking for a place to get away from the
crowds, pick your own stretch of water and catch plenty
of trout, the Greys River is certainly a place you can do

Dry fly fishing can be great on the Greys River. It does
have several hatches. Pale Morning Duns and
Blue-winged olives are the most important mayflies.
There are several species of caddisflies but mostly
Spotted and Green Sedges. It has plenty of Little Yellow
Stoneflies as well as a few Goldens and even a decent
population of Salmonflies.

The best time for fly fishing the Greys River is from just
after runoff to the end of September.
The lower end of the river can be fished prior to runoff
but it usually isn't very productive.
Summertime is the best time for fly fishing the Greys
Early Fall provides some good opportunities for a large
brown trout in the lower river.

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Cutthroat (Native)
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Western Wyoming

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April 1 - October 31


Special Regulations

Non-Resident License
State of Wyoming

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