Hawksbill Creek Virginia
Angie Marsh fishing Hawksbill Creek
East Hawksbill Creek
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Fly Fishing East Hawksbill Creek
East Hawksbill Creek is a small stream in the
Shenandoah National Park known for its native brook
trout. The problem with this stream for many anglers is
that it requires a tough hike down form Hawksbill Gap
between milepost 45 and 46 on Skyline Drive. There
you will find the trails that take you down the mountain
as well as a parking area. Its about a half mile before
you find any water. East Hawksbill Creek starts out as a
tiny spring creek on the side of the mountain. You
cannot access the stream from the lower end.

The lower you go the better the fishing but you always
have to keep in mind leaving in time to make the almost
vertical trip back to Skyline Drive.

The native brook trout are small but well worth the effort
if you enjoy fishing in complete solitude. We do not
suggest traveling down the mountain to fish this stream
alone. It would be difficult to impossible for one to get
back out if they happen to brake a leg or have
something go wrong to prevent them from making the
tough hike back up the mountain.

The little native brook trout are not picky at all and most
any small generic or attractor trout fly will work to catch
them. Small imitations of terrestrials are also very
effective. Although the generic fly patterns work okay, it
never hurts to use the best imitations you can get of the
natural insects and that is Perfect flies.

The water gets very low in the late Summer and early
Fall. This makes it more difficult to hide from the trout,
but it makes it easier to get around in the stream. You
can just jump from one rock to the next - as long as you
don't slip. Often, you can hide behind the big boulders,
especially when the water is low.

The season runs year-round
We wouldn't recommend it.
Late Spring is the best time for fly fishing East Hawksbill
Summertime is okay. The water may get low but it will
remain cool throughout the Summer.
Fall is the beautiful time to fly fish Shenandoah National

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Type of Stream

Brook Trout (native)


Shenandoah National Park

Nearest Towns


Good but serious hiking required

Non-Resident License
State of Virginia

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