White Drake (White Fly)

The trout love the White Drake Dun. They crash the flies like nothing is going to stop
them. This is some of the most exciting dry fly fishing you can encounter. The duns flutter
around and are not very fast in departing the water. They really get the trouts attention. If
you are in the right location, you may find the whole pool erupting in trout after the duns.

Dun Presentation:
I really have no presentation to adhere to when fishing the dun imitation. Our "Perfect
Fly" White Drake Dun will work about anyway you present it. We have even skipped it
around on the surface of the Yellow Breeches in Pennsylvania.

They are taking these flies in very low light situations. You need to take into
consideration the water you are going to be fishing well in advance of dark because it
isn't too easy to do a lot of moving around. It also spooks the trout. You can hear the
trout taking the duns and if you position yourself right with the available light, you can
often see them taking the flies. This depends on the darkness of the night.

You want to cast the fly wherever you see or hear the trout taking the White Drakes.
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