White Drake (White Fly)

The nymphs emerge just below the surface, not in the surface skim. What we normally do
is just not apply any floatant to the fly. We want it too slowly sink because that is where
these mayflies emerge. Most of the time this is in the pools of the stream. The water is
normally only slowly moving.

Emerger Presentation:
Something that is different about the White Drakes from other mayflies is that when the
hatch starts, the males hatch first. After about thirty minutes the females will begin to

You want to fish the "Perfect Fly" White Fly Emerger the same way as the nymphs. That
is up and across allowing it to swing all the way around and back to the surface at the
end of the drift.

These nymphs always emerge in very low light conditions. If the skies are cloudy they
may begin before dusk. You want to be there about an hour before the hatch occurs
because it usually doesn't last long.
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