White Drake (White Fly)

The White Drake (White Fly) spinners are very different in that they female dun never
changes or molts into a spinner. The males do but not the females. They hatch, mate
and oviposit (deposit their eggs) as a dun. The males and females mate just above the
water. The males fall directly into the water after mating.

There is something else unique about this hatch. When the females are ready to deposit
their eggs, they fly out over the water just above the surface in large swarms. They fly up
and down the stream, back and forth before dropping their eggs and falling into the
water. This can go on well into the night. It is believed they may fly as much as a few
miles before depositing their eggs.

Spinner Presentation:
The "Perfect Fly" White Drake imitates the male spinner. There is no female spinner. The
duns fall into the water as mentioned above. To imitate the females (if you can find them
falling in the water) you can use the Dun imitation.

You want to fish the male spinner imitation as soon as they mate over the water.
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