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The North Fork of the White river begins in the state of Missouri as a spring fed stream that has a
good population of stream-bred trout. Although the river turns into a lake miles below, the upper
portion of the stream still produces stream-bred trout. This is an exception to the rule for most
Mid-west and Southern tailwaters. Most streams were warm water fisheries before dams were built.
Many of the streams that feed Bull Shoales Lake were warm water streams. In this case, the North
Fork of the White River was a trout stream that turned too warm for trout a few miles downstream
from the springs and after construction of the dam, again became a cold tailwater trout stream.
Just a few minutes before this picture was taken, I was standing on dry rocks. The White River can
rise quickly when water is discharged from the dam. I only had to take a few steps to get back on the
bank in this case, however, wading can be dangerous in these waters for those who do not pay
attention to the water release schedules and warnings.