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Fly Fishing Honey Creek Pennsylvania
Honey Creek is a small, stream that's a tributary of  
Kishacoquillas Creek in South Central Pennsylvania
near Reedsville and Lewiston. It starts near Reeds Gap
State Park and flows for about thirteen miles.

Trester and Havice are its two major headwater tributary
streams. These are both freestone streams that help
form the Honey Creek. Both of these are heavily stocked
by the state. They flow underground and emerge from a
cave to form Honey Creek.

Downstream, near Siglerville, the stream becomes more
spring creek-like. Below where the streams and some of
its tributaries flows underground in some areas, the
water is less acidic and the insect population changes
from the fast water clinger mayflies and stoneflies to
crawlers and swimmers that tend to inhibit water with a
higher pH. In the main section of Honey Creek you will
find lots of net-spinning caddisflies, Whiteflies, Drakes
and plenty of Sulphurs. There's a decent Green Drake
hatch on this stream. There have been several stream
improvements added to this creek. Fly fishing Honey
Creek can be a real treat.

Honey Creek is considered a "Class A" trout stream by
the state and it isn't stocked. It has a very good
population of stream-bred brown trout. There's a
"Delayed Harvest" section of Honey Creek located 1.75
miles; from the upper Bald Eagle Street Forest boundary
downstream for 1.75 miles.

This stream ranges from easy to fish, in the stocked
section, to quite difficult in its main section. The wild
stream-born brown trout are not pushovers. Angie and I
fished this stream all day one Fall day and only caught
four brown trout. One was a good 15 inches and the
others 12 inches or less.

The season follows the regular Pennsylvania trout
Springtime is the best time for fly fishing Honey Creek
due to the aquatic insect hatches.
The hottest days of summer can cause most sections to
get too warm in many sections.
Fall is the best time to catch the larger brown trout.
Fly fishing Honey Creek can be great even on very cold

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Type of Stream
Freestone in its headwaters but
Limestone in the main section of
Honey Creek

Brown Trout (Wild)
Brook Trout (Native)
Rainbows (Stocked)


South Central Pennsylvania

Nearest Towns

Middle of April through February


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State of Pennsylvania

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