Hoosic River Brown trout
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Fly Fishing The Hoosic River
The main part of the Hoosic River comes from flood
control areas in the town of North Adams. The Hoosic
river is a tributary of the Hudson River and flows into it
in New York.

The area of North Adams is a highly developed area
that is between Adams and Williamstown. State road
#2 parallels the river. The opposite side of the river is
followed closely by Massachusetts Avenue. The
Ashton Avenue Bridge provides access for anglers fly
fishing the Hoosic River along this main stretch of

The river is stocked by the state with both rainbows
and brown trout. The main stem of the river has a
good population of stream-born or wild brown trout.

The river originates from two separate sources - the
South Branch and North Branch. The main stem has a
reputation of being polluted and this cuts down on the
fishing, even though it is catch and release.

The South Branch is easily accessed. It originates in
Lanesboro and flows into Cheshire Reservoir in
Cheshire. Its tailwater flows through Adams.

The North Branch is a freestone stream that originates
in Clarksburg and flows together with the South Branch
at North Adams.

The best part of the South Branch to fish is the water
below Chester Reservoir. You can fish from an old
railroad bed that follows the river up and downstream
from the Church Street Bridge in Chestire. There are
some riffles and pools but much of the water is smooth
and flows over a relatively flat area. It changes
gradually to riffles, runs and pools when it gets near
Cheshire Harbor.

The North Branch flows from Vermont into
Massachusetts. State road #8 follows along the stream.

From Williamstown downstream, the river is larger.
Access is available at the Bridges Pond Fish and
Wildlife Access Area.

This river appears to be far from a trout stream in
many places but it has great potential if the problems
with the overall quality of the area could be solved. Fly
fishing the Hoosic River could be greatly improved.

The Hoosic is a river with a huge diversity of water
types, insects and flows. The fishing methods,
techniques and strategies varies greatly depending on
where you are fishing the river. The best way to
approach it is with an open mind and remaining very
Type of Stream

Brown Trout (stocked with holdovers)
Rainbow (stocked with holdovers)


Western Massachusetts

Nearest Towns
Chester Harbor
North Adams



USGS Stream Flow Data:
Near Adams
Near Williamsontown

Non-Resident License
State of Massachusetts

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Hoosic River Massachusetts
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Fishing Report Updated 09/23/15
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Hoosic River Fishing Report - 09/23/15
Stream levels should always be checked. Right now, they are low.

Stream Conditions:

7 Day Weather Forecast:
There is no chance of rain for the next week. The highs will
range from
67 to 76 and lows from 44 to 47 degrees.

Recommended Trout Flies:
Rate: 19 cfs
Level: 5.71 ft
Afternoon Water Temperature: 59
Clarity: Clear
USGS Real-Time Stream Flow Data Near Adams

Rate: 65 cfs
Level: 5.29 ft.
Afternoon Water Temperature: 57
Clarity: Clear
USGS Real-Time Stream Flow Data Near Williamsontown (data abv)
Blue-winged Olives: size 18/20, nymph, emergers, duns and spinners
Brown Sculpin and White Belly Sculpin, size 6
Midges: Blood (Red), sizes 20, larva, pupa and adults
Midges: Cream, size 20, larva, pupa and adults
Green Sedge, size 14/16, larva, pupa and adults
Cinnamon Caddis, size 16/18, larva, pupa and adults
Tricos, size 20, nymphs, emergers, duns and spinners
Green Sedge, size 14/16, larva, pupa and adults
Green Sandwich Hoppers, size 10, 12
Japanese Beetles, size 14/16
Carpenter Ants, size 16/18
Strategies, Techniques and Tips:
Brown Sculpin and White Belly Sculpin streamers will continue to work, especially for the
larger trout
The most plentiful and available food in the tailwater are Blue-winged Olive nymphs and
midges. Various species of Blue-winged olives are hatching, mostly on cloudy, overcast
Except when the water is high, a good strategy is fishing a tandem Midge rig under a
small strike indicator with the midge lava as the bottom fly and the midge pupa as the
top fly. Fish the adult midge only when you observe trout feeding on the surface.
Green Sedges and Cinnamon Caddis are starting to hatch.
Sulphurs are hatching.
Tricos are hatching.
Terrestrial insects, such as hoppers, ants and beetles are important.
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