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Fly Fishing Gear, Tackle and Trout Flies - Hoosic River

Fly Line:
We just can't imagine anyone wanting anything lighter than five-weight line. There are some
large brown trout in the Hoosic River.  There will be many situations were a streamer would
be the top choice fly. Two size lines, the 5 weight and a 6 weight line for nymphing and
throwing lighter streamers should be all you would ever need.

Fly Rod:
The ro for the 5 or 6 weight line should be nine feet in length in a medium to medium fast

Fly Reel:
The reels for the 5 weight line and 6 weight line should be good ones. Again, there are some
very large brown trout in the Hooch River and you would not want to loose one because you
were using a lousy fly reel. You need a very good drag on either of the reels. The disc drags
are the best and what we would recommend.

You will be using a very large range of leader sizes both in length and size. The large
streamers would require heavy leaders. The tiny midge flies that you would be  using, will
require exactly the opposite.  Leaders ranging in sizes from 0X down to 6X may be required.
You would want the heavy leaders for streamers to be on the short side and the lightest
leaders for midges to be around 9 feet in length. Trico hatches and others could require a 12

Extra tippet in sizes ranging from 0X to 6X.

You would need waders. We recommend breathable ones.

Wading Boots:
Felt soles or either the new rubber sole boots would work best.

Wading Staff:
The water is not really bad enough for us to say a wading staff should be used. We would call
this optional. It would be a good thing to have if you got caught in rising water.

Naturally we recommend our "Perfect Flies" for the Hoosic River. We feel like our specific
imitations of mayflies, stoneflies caddisflies, and midges are the best flies you can purchase.
We have specific imitations of everything that hatches in the Hoosic. Our streamers are also
very effective on large brown trout. If you haven't already done so, we hope you will give them
a try.
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