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Fly Fishing Guide for Hot Creek California
The uppermost part you can fish starts just below the State fish Hatchery located on the
stream. Now don't get confused thinking Hot Creek is stocked because it isn't. Mammoth
Creek also joins the stream just below the hatchery. The section open to the public in
this location is small, only about a quarter of a mile in length. There are no freestone
characteristics in this area. It is pure, smooth flowing water with large pools and difficult
to catch trout. The trout have no trouble closely examining your fly in this section.

There is a large amount of the stream that is on the property of Hot Creek Ranch. It has
some excellent fishing as well as cabins, guides and other services for anglers. It is a
pay to play ranch but may be well worth it just to not be crowed. A good thing about it is
they have allowed only dry fly fishing since the 1960s. That shows the owners are
taking good care of their part of the stream and are offering anglers even more
challenge and fun provided they are successful.

The other area the public fishing starts at the lower end of the Hot Creek Ranch. This is
the largest and most popular section of the stream to fish. It is also the most crowded of
the two public sections. The same basic water temperatures and steady flows
throughout the year make the water stay nearly the same from season to season.

Like most spring creeks, you must stay hidden from the trout and that isn't exactly easy
on Hot Creek because there is little cover along the stream. You much stay low and
make good cast. It takes long, light leaders and tippets. The trout have seen plenty of
flies as well as anglers and are easily spooked.

The stream not only holds a tremendous population of rainbow and brown trout, some
of them grow to a large size. Fish up to and over 20 inches are caught. Even though the
fishing can be difficult at times, it can produce some nice trout when fished correctly.
We think it offers a good challenge yet really doesn't penalize anyone that makes good
fly selections and good presentations.
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Hot Creek California
Photo Courtesy of Gary Paepke
Photo Courtesy of Gary Paepke