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Hatches and Trout Flies for Hot Creek California
Hot Creek has a huge number of aquatic insects due to the high PH level of the
water. Hatches occur throughout the year. The water temperatures remain about
the same throughout the year so the hatches occur at different times than you may
expect them to occur.

Don't overlook midges on this small stream. They hatch year-round and trout can
be taken on imitations of them when nothing else works.

The first mayflies to appear are the Blue-winged Olives. Different species of the
BWOs will hatch just about all year long until around the first of November. These
are the most consistent hatches.

There are some Golden Stoneflies that will hatch from about the middle of April
through the month of May. Other than that, the Little Yellow Stoneflies, called
Yellow Sallies sometimes, will be the only other stonefly hatches of any
significance. They hatch from about the first of June through September.

Mahogany Duns start hatching about the first of June. This hatch can last for up to
three month. At about the same time the PMDs, or Pale Morning Duns, start
hatching. This is a good hatch that can last until near the end of August.

Caddisflies are very important on Hot Creek. There are several species that all
start hatching about the same time. The Green Sedges are one of the first ones.
Imitations of their larva, know as Rock Worms, will produce just about anytime of
the year. These caddisfles normally start hatching about the last of May. Along with
the Green Sedges you will find large hatches of Spotted Sedges. They will hatch
throughout the summer up until around the first of September. Their Little Sisters
usually start about a month after the Spotted Sedges and hatch until the end of
August. Species of Grannon caddisflies will hatch in September and October. The
October Caddisflies also hatch around the month of October.

Trico mayflies are one of the better hatches to occur on Hot Creek. They start
about the first of August and hatch until near the end of October.

Don't overlook the terrestrial insects. Grass lines the banks of the stream and
hopper fishing can be good during the summer month. Imitations of ants and
beetles will also work.

Scuds are one of the main items on the trout's menu. Imitations of them can be
effective throughout the year. At times, trout can be taken on streamers. We
suggest you fish them during low light periods when the skies are cloudy as well as
early and late in the day.

We recommend our own line of "Perfect Flies" for Hot Creek because they are the
most realistic imitations of insect you can purchase. They are also the most
effective flies you can purchase. If you haven't already tried them, we recommend
you do. You will be very pleased at the results.
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There is no fishing in this section of hot creek
Photo Courtesy of Gary Paepke
Photo Courtesy of Gary Paepke
Hot Creek
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