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Fly Fishing Guide to the Housatonic River

The upper end of the ten and one-half mile long Trout Management Area has long, slow
moving pools with soft bottoms. That means the aquatic insect population is very different
from the lower sections of the Housy. In the lower section, the water runs over a limestone
rock bottom. This is an entirely different stream composition and type of water.

The best part of the season starts about the first part of May and runs through October. We
think the best fly fishing occurs when there are some larger hatches going on. The water
temperature, discharges from the dam and other things affect this. It can be difficult to
pinpoint the best times. Checking on the current conditions is always the best approach,
especially on this river that changes can occur on fast. The trout will average from about ten
to twenty inches and dry fly fishing can be great if you catch one of the better hatches.

The entire TMA has a long list of named pools. It would be pointless to name them here.
Local fly shop maps will show them and help you identify where you are if you receive local
fishing information. It is a way of communicating locally so it may help.
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