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Hatches and Flies for the Housatonic River

Please be sure to consult our "Perfect Fly" Hatch Chart. It will show you the estimated hatch
times and flies to use for each insect for the entire season. As with most any trout stream,
one of the most important and abundant aquatic insects are the Blue-winged Olives. They
hatch during a long period in the early season and again later in the year. Brown and Green
Drakes hatch the last couple weeks of May in the upper section of the river where the bottom
is soft. They can provide some good action if you catch the hatch at the right time.

As with many Eastern trout streams, the Hendrickson and Red Quills are a very important
hatch. It takes place the last part of April and last into mid May. There are March Browns,
Light and Cream Cahills in the fast water sections of the stream. Sulphurs can be important
from mid May and most of the month of June. Tricos and the White Drakes hatch in July and
August. Slate Drakes hatch in August and September.

Caddisflies start with the Little Black Caddis (Grannoms) in April and the first of May. Green
Sedges, and Short-horned Sedges will hatch starting near the first of May. The Cinnamon
Caddis species are the most important caddisflies. They together with their Little Sisters will
hatch for a very long period of time.

Starting in the middle of June and lasting until after the first frost, terrestrial insects become
important. The beetles, ants, and hoppers are the most imitated insects. As with any
tailwater, midges are always very important, especially when there are no other hatches
taking place. You can always count of them. Don't forget to have a good selection of
streamers for the larger brown trout.
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