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Fly Fishing Guide for the Jackson River Virginia

The three mile long special regulation area is located above the swinging bridge which is
just upstream of Muddy Run, a tributary stream that is also worth fishing. It can only be
reached by foot. An old maintenance road provides the access from the Hidden Valley
area. It is a fairly level hike. The area can also be reached from the Poor Farm Road.

The special regulation section is three miles long, but there's a two mile long section both
above and below it that is heavily stocked with trout. A lot of bait fisherman frequent these
area shortly after the stream is stocked. A week or two after the stocking, the large crowds
of bait anglers disappear. Fishing can be good in the non-special regulation areas after
the crowds have left.

You can hike along the river both up and downstream from the Hidden Valley area. A very
good trail follows the river. The farther you walk, the better the fishing usually is. The area
downstream of Hidden Valley just above Lake Moomaw has some public access areas. The
late winter and early spring is a good time to fish the area. It is possible to catch rainbow,
brown and brook trout in that area of the stream. The area is marked by cables crossing
the river. It extends from the lake upstream for about a half mile.

The stocked trout can be caught on a variety of flies. Generic and attractor flies work most
of the time. The larger, holdover trout are much more selective. It is much better to match
the hatch, or more importantly, match what is about to hatch with specific imitations. The
stream has a huge population of aquatic insects due to the numerous spring inlets that
provide water with a high pH value.

The larger brown trout can also be caught during the spawning run using streamers. "High
stickin" the deep runs with nymphs also works well in this stream. The larger brown trout in
the pools usually hold tight to cover such as undercut banks, logs, and rocks.
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Jackson River Virginia