James Marsh fishing Joseph Creek
Joseph Creek
Copyright 2015 James Marsh
Hatches and Trout Flies for Joseph Creek Montana

I am not certain of all the aquatic insects in this stream. We did take samples of the
nymphs and larvae the one and only time we fished it. Some of the hatches had obviously
ended and the nymphs and larvae would be tiny of those most recent hatches, if they have
even hatched from the eggs.

It is certainly not necessary to match the hatch to catch the little brook trout, but we have
an ideal there are other species of trout in this stream. We just have not been able to find
out. It is a tributary of the Big Hole, or it eventually flows into the Big Hole via the North Fork
of the river. It may have some brown, cutthroat and possible even some rainbows in other
parts of the stream. It is likely to have some cutthroats, but we haven't verified that.

The Blue-winged Olives are there as you may expect. They were hatching when we were
there. At the area of Montana they should hatch possible as early as late April and should
last through June. There is almost certain to be a fall hatch in September because the
baetis in the stream are bi-brooded.

There are PMD or Pale Morning Dun nymphs in the stream, so they should hatch in this
area around. They probably hatch from the first of June through August or at least they do
in the Big Hole River not far away.

Spotted Sedges were hatching while we were there fishing. They probably last from about
the first of June until late August.

Little Yellow Stoneflies were there, but not very plentiful. They would most likely hatch in
June and July.

I would certainly have plenty of terrestrial imitations if I fished it during the summer. Ants,
beetles and grasshopper were all along the banks and in the willow trees.

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Joseph Creek Montana
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