Kayaderosseras Creek Brown Trout
Fly Fishing Kayaderosseras Creek New
Kayaderosseras Creek, usually called the "Kaydeross"
by locals, is a small stream that's not well known. It is
heavily stocked with brown trout by the State of New
York. It flows into Saratoga Lake. Each year some very
large trout are put in the stream to add to the excitement
of fly fishing Kayaderosseras Creek. Some of the
browns manage to hold over from year to year.
Recently, the stream has undergone several
improvements that has made it more suitable for fly

The trout section extends from the headwaters just
northwest of the village of South Corinth to Route in the
village of Ballstron Spa. The stream is generally small
and tight in places. It has more of a slow to moderate
flow. There are a few mayflies and some caddisflies on
the stream. Minnows and baitfish are also plentiful.
Terrestrials are good during the early Fall.

You can fish Kayaderosseras Creek year-round except
from Saratoga Lake upstream to the first railroad bridge.
It is closed from mid March until the opening of walleye
season. Fly fishers are allowed to keep five trout per

Access to the stream is provided off State Route #29 on
Creek Road, North Creek Road and other smaller local
roads. There are plenty of places with extensive
easements from the headwaters to Ballstron Spa.
There's an angler access with parking at Bockes Road
near the village of Porter Corners. This is where Route
#29 crosses in Rock City Falls and at Galway Road, or
Route 45 in Factory Village.

Glowegee Creek is a small but fish holding stream that's
also stocked with brown trout. It can be accessed from
Route #49 or Lewis Road crossings.

The season is open all year
Fly fishing Kayaderosseras Creek during the Winter is
usually a good time.
Springtime is normally the best time to for fly fishing
Kayaderosseras Creek because of the hatches. March
and April are the best months.
Trout fishing slows down to a crawl during the Summer
because of the warm water.
Fall is a great time due to the fact the brown trout spawn
in the Fall.

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