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Fly Fishing Guide to the Kennebago River Maine

The Kennebago brook trout are big. Thinking of them in normal small brook trout terms will
really throw you off. The salmon can get as large as five pounds and put on some very hard,
fast runs. Whenever you are fishing, keep the size of these fish in mind and be prepared for
their large size. Don't end up loosing a trophy trout or salmon because you were under
equipped in terms of tackle and gear.

The salmon stay in the river all year unless the water gets low and warm. They will move to
the cooler deep water of the lakes if that happens. The salmon will return to the river around
the middle of August when and if they do move into the lake in July. The brook trout will
normally stay in the river but they may seek the coolest water.

The uppermost part flows through a series of lakes like areas and pools, runs, riffle section
are mixed in between them. The fish are small compared to the lower section of the river. It
can only be reached by back country roads and hiking. The stream changes below Little
Lake Kennebago. Access to the middle section of the river is also difficult. You must walk in
to fish any of the middle section or either stay with one of the local camps along the river.

There are many named pools along the river. Wading is possible along the banks of the river
in many places. Again, hiking in is required unless you are fishing out of a local camp. There
are two salmon spawning runs per year when the salmon swim upstream to Lake Cusuptic
but the fall run is what the river is noted for.
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