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Hatches and Flies for the Kennebago River Maine

The river and lakes have a very high population of smelt. This is the main food
supply that keeps the salmon fishery in great shape.

The river has a very good Green Drake hatch. It starts in late June. Blue-winged
Olives are also present and hatch both early and late in the season.  

There are several species of caddisflies that reside in the Kennebago River and
Lakes. The Green Sedge, Cinnamon and Spotted Sedges, Little Black Caddis and a
mixture of several other species hatch during the summer and early fall.

Dragon Flies and Damsel Files both exist, mostly in the areas of slow moving water.
Imitations of the nymphs of either one produce during the summer.

Terrestrial insects including grass hoppers, ants and beetles are found along the
stream and provide food for the brook trout when they get blown or fall into the

The Black and Gray Ghosts streamers are the favorite local flies for the salmon.
The Kennebago Mudler is also a favorite fly. We think our Perfect Fly Mudler
Sculpin is a great fly for this river.  
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