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Fly Fishing Guide for the Kennebec River Maine
The East Branch of the Kennebec River runs along Routes 6 and 15 from Moosehead
Lake between the towns of Greenville and Rockwood Maine. From Moosehead Lake to
Indian Pond is just over three miles and consist mostly of pocket water with lots of riffles
and runs. Both streams cross the river near the dam. You can access the water at the
bridge and all around the dam. This is a good stretch of water although it does get a good
bit of fishing pressure at times.

The area is generally easy to wade if the water levels aren't too high. As with many Maine
steams, the best fishing usually takes place in the pools. The Dam Pool is a popular place
to fish. It's very large. Just below the Dam Pool is the Gage Pool. Just below that is the
Trestle Pool where the railroad crosses the river. The Bridge Pool is just upstream from the
Highway 6 and 15 bridge. There are plenty of runs just below the Bridge Pool that are also
good places to fish.

There's also access for about a half mile on the north side of the East Branch of the
Kennebec River at this point. There are plenty of parking places and trails that take you
down to the river. When the road access ends, there's a trail that follows along the river.
The river can also be accessed by boat from Indian Pond. There you will find the Swimmers

It is normally about the middle of May before the water clears enough for good fishing in
most sections of the river. The area has a deep snow pack most years and it takes time to
melt and clear the water of its drainage. Some areas such as the Forks, open in April.

The Forks is another very popular place to fish the Kennebec River. The #201 highway
follows the East side of the river where it can be accessed at several places. The flows can
fluctuate here. It is very remote in some sections of the river in this stretch. Landlocked
salmon and brook trout are the two main species in this section of the river but it also holds
some rainbows and brown trout. It can be waded or fished from a drift boat. This is a very
good fall fishing section.

The Wyman Dam in Moscow is the next downstream popular location to fish. It can be
accessed from ME #16. This is a bottom release tailwater. It has brook trout, rainbow and
landlocked salmon. It's one of the few wild rainbow waters in the state of Maine. These are
hard fighting rainbows but they can get picky at times. The river has some very good
hatches for a tailwater. The water consist of lots of riffles and runs. There are also some
braided channels. This section flows through farmland and hills.

One of the best areas to fish the Kennebec River is below the Shawmut Dam near Fairfield.
It is three miles from the dam to Fairfield. This section is fly fishing only. There is easy
access and wading that can be done just below the dam. This section can also be floated
in a drift boat. It is popular because of its large brown trout. This section also has some
good smallmouth bass fishing.
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Kennebec River Maine
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