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Fly Fishing Guide to the West Fork of the Kickapoo River in
This section of the river shown in the above pictures is about as wide as it gets. Much of the
stream is smaller. It is best to fish from the banks wherever it is possible to reach the area of
water you need to get your fly to. Wading just adds to your chances of spooking the trout,
although it may be necessary just to get the fly to many places the brown trout may be hiding
or feeding.

There are a few rainbow and a few brook trout but most all of the trout are brown trout. Brown
trout are not prone to be out in open water unless it is very overcast or cloudy. They stay
hidden most of the day and you must get your fly in just the right spot or you want be

Knowing when and what is hatching, and how to go about imitating it the right way, is going to
greatly increase you odds. Just as important as the actual hatch is the insects that are about to
hatch. That is when mayflies, caddisflies and midges are most exposed to the trout. They
cannot stay hidden and hatch. Fishing a mayfly nymph, or imitation of a caddis or midge larva
at the right time prior to a hatch often brings success. The hatches section will provide the
information on the hatches and most plentiful insects in the Kickapoo.

Stealth is of utmost importance. You cannot catch a large brown trout if it is aware of your
presence unless maybe it is protecting its redd. Brown trout spawn in the fall and become
much easier to catch. You should alway stay low (keep a low profile) and conceal yourself as
best you can by dressing in clothing that's the same color of the background.

Long, light leaders and tippets should be used. Heavy leaders and tippets will alert the trout in
any of the smoother sections of water. It also helps to have more realistic flies. Attractor flies
may work every once in a while in the riffles but not in the smooth water. Our Perfect Flies are
perfect for catching spring creek trout.
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West Fork, Kickapoo
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