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Hatches and Trout Flies for the West Fork of the Kickapoo River
in Wisconsin

The relatively high pH and excellent water chemistry for aquatic insects insures the trout
grow and stay healthy and also that anglers who can imitate the insects well enough can
catch plenty of trout.

The first insects to hatch are the Blue-winged Olives. The start in April and hatch through
the first week or two of June. They hatch again in late August through September. These
consist of several different species ranging from
baetis species that's a hook size 16 or 18
down to small BWOs size 20.

Hendricksons and Red Quills hatch in April and May but are not very plentiful This is strictly
a hit or miss hatch. From about the middle of May through July you will find plenty of
Sulphurs. These are a hook size 16 and one of the better hatches. From late May all the
way through June, wherever you find some faster moving water you'll likely find American
March Browns. These are around a hook size 12. From about the middle of July through
the month of September is Trico time. These are very plentiful and in all the slow to
moderate waters.

There's several species of caddisflies but the most plentiful are as follows. Little Black
Caddis or the
Brachycentrus species called American Grannoms hatch starting in April and
last for about a month depending on the location. Cinnamon Caddis of several species are
most plentiful and hatch from May through September. Spotted Sedges are also present
and hatch from the first of June through July.

There's a few Little Yellow Stoneflies, hook size 14. They are found mostly in the faster
water. They start hatching in May and extend through about half of the month of June.

The Kickapoo River has tons of terrestrial insects. Beetles, Ants and hoppers are plentiful.
We recommend using imitations of them starting in mid June through September. July and
August are best for these insects.

The river also has a population of scuds. Don't overlook them. Also, there's plenty of
baitfish, minnows and sculpin. We suggest streamers anytime there's low light or off
colored water.
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