Kilchis River Oregon
Kilchis River Oregon
Fly Fishing The Kilchis River Oregon
The Kilchis River is formed in the Coastal Range and
flows for twenty-five miles to the coast of Oregon at
Tilamook Bay. It is the river that is relied on to clear up
first from heavy rains. When most of the other coastal
streams are blown out, the Kilchis River clears up within
a day or two at the most.

The Kilchis River is a steelhead and salmon fishery. It
also has a fair run of cutthroat trout. It's a relatively small
coastal river but one that provides good fishing year
after year. Spruce, hemlock, cedar and Douglas fir trees
line most of the Kilchis River. It has a beautiful shoreline.

The wild steelhead show up in November and last until
March. The peak of the run is during December and
January. Hatchery steelhead come into the river at the
beginning of Fall.

In October, Chum salmon, Chinook salmon, Coho
salmon and sea-run cutthroat trout show up. The
cutthroat trout also show up in the Spring.

You can fish year-round but the season depends on the
species of fish present
Winter is the best time for steelhead trout.
Spring is mostly limited to resident fish
Summertime is limited to resident fish
Salmon show up in October

Fly Fishing Guide to the Kilchis River
Fly fishing the Kilchis River in Oregon is mostly done
using traditional steelhead and salmon methods.
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Type of Stream
Freestone Stream

Chinook Salmon (King)
Coho Salmon (Silver)
Chum Salmon
Sea-Run Cutthroat Trout


Northwestern Oregon Coast

Nearest Towns

Year-round species dependent


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State of Oregon

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Kilchis River Oregon
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Photo Courtesy of
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