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Roach River Maine
The Roach River is a tributary of Moosehead Lake. It's a
beautiful stream that allows fly fishing only and is strictly
catch and release. The fish consist of brook trout and
landlocked salmon. It is a very important spawning area
for salmon and brook trout from Moosehead Lake. The
brook trout probably only average about ten inches but
go up to and over three pounds. The landlocked salmon
average about fifteen inches.

The river begins at First Roach Pond in the little
community of Kokadjo. It flows for about six miles into
Spencer Bay of Moosehead Lake. This is a small stream
that is a true pleasure to fly fish.

The Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife owns
the land adjacent to the river. There are several access
sites. The upper area can be accessed at the dam or off
the DIFW access trail just south of the dam. There's a
logging road along the north side.

This isn't any easy stream to access. It is very remote.
About the only way to get to it is by trail. The fisheries
department has placed boxes at the trail heads,
otherwise you wouldn't know if a trail existed there.
These boxes are placed there for anglers to provide
information to the state about the fishing.

The season doesn't start until the first of May.
The springtime season gets underway about the middle
of May. Spring is a good time for the salmon.
Summer is a good time to fish the Roach River.
Fall returns the better salmon fishing.

Fly Fishing Guide to the Roach River Maine
The most important thing about fishing the Roach River
is getting to the right places.
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Type of Stream

Brook Trout
Landlocked Salmon


Northwestern Maine

Nearest Towns
kokadjo, Maine

May-30th Sept


Non-Resident License
State of Maine

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