Lamoille River Trout
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Fly Fishing The Lamoille River Vermont
The Lamoille River begin at Horse Pond in Greensboro,
Vermont, and flows across the state towards Lake
Champlain. The river is almost eighty-five miles in
length. At Hardwick the river receives water from
Haynesville Brook which increases its size from the very
small stream it starts off as.

The upper part is a small freestone stream that has a
good population of brook trout. Highway #16 follows
along the river to Hardwick. Prior to reaching East
Hardwick, several small tributary streams add to the flow.
Each of them have good populations of brook trout.
Below East Hardwick, the river gains in flow and width
and has a good population of rainbows and brown trout.
Fly fishing the Lamoille River tributaries also offers some
very good fishing opportunities.

There's a dam near the town of Wolcott that forms a
small lake where to first tailwater occurs. There's a
second dam located downstream at Morrisville and of
course, another tailwater. This dam forms Lake Lamoille.
This second tailwater is considered one of the best
areas for fly fishing the Lamoille River.

The river has some slow meandering stretches that
assist in adding to the water temperatures during the
Summer. In many cases, the water temperature may be
warmer in the upper part of the river than the lower
sections. Below Johnson, the water tends to warm up
again and fishing can be poor downstream from there
during the hot Summer.

Several tributaries along the length of the Lamoille River
help to keep the stream cool. In addition to those
mentioned above you also have Brewster River, the
Browns River, the North Branch of the Lamoille River,
the Green River and the Gihon River. They all provide
cool water and additional fishing opportunities.

The season follows the standard Vermont trout season -
see season on the left.
Springtime offers the best fly fishing opportunities for the
Lamoille River.
Parts of the river stays cool enough to fish most of the
Summer. The tributaries offer the best fishing during hot
Fall is also an excellent time for fly fishing the Lamoille

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Lamoille River Vermont
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