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Fly Fishing Gear for the Doe River Tennessee
This stream has some big brown trout in it, so you don't want to fish with too light of a fly
rod and tippet.

Fly Line:
We suggest either a 4 or 5 weight floating fly line for most of the fly-fishing. We
recommend a 6 weight floating fly line for streamers and larger nymphs.

Fly Rod:
You should have a fly rod for each of the above line sizes. The four or five weight rod
should be between eight and nine feet in length. A medium to moderately fast action would
be our suggestion. The 6 weight streamer rod would be best in a nine foot length and a
medium fast to fast action. This would help "high stickin" when nymph fishing.

Fly Reel:
The reel for either of the rods should have a good drag. You don't want to hang a large
trout and loose it because of a lousy drag. A smooth disc drag is hard to beat.

You should a 7 and one-half foot leader when you are fishing the smaller parts of the
stream. You will be making short cast and you don't want to cast leader only.  A nine foot
length may be wise in some situations. You should have them in sizes ranging from 2X for
streamers, up to 7X for small dry flies.

Carry extra tippet material in sizes ranging from 2X to 7X.

You should not wade the Doe River unless it is necessary to get the fly to places the trout
may be feeding or hiding. However, you do suggest you wear them because there are
many places you will need them.

Wading Boots:
Felt soles would be our first choice. The new rubber soles may work well. We haven't tried
them in this stream yet. It may help prevent spreading the Didymo which is nearby in the
South Holston River.

We always recommend our own "Perfect Fly" Trout Flies. We have specific imitations of all
the major insects you will find on trout streams . We hope you give them a try.
Doe River Tennessee
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