Lava Creek Brook Trout
Angie Marsh fishing Lava Creek
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Fly Fishing Lava Creek YNP Wyoming
Lava Creek is a small stream that is divided by Upper
and Lower Undine Falls into two separate types of water.
The lower section flows through a very deep canyon
consist of fast pocket water. The upper section is a
moderately inclined stream that has mostly all brook
trout. The canyon section below the falls has all the
species listed on your left but it isn't easy to access.  

The brook trout water in the upper section is easy
accessed and fun to fish. You can usually catch plenty of
them within sight of your vehicle but they exist far up and
down to the falls below the bridge at the Grand Loop

Fly fishing Lava Creek can best be summed up with one
word - fun. It's fairly easy to fish. Short, upstream cast
are all that is necessary to get plenty of dry fly action
from the willing brook trout and there are plenty of other
species of trout to catch, depending on where you
choose to fish it. Wherever, you fish Larva Creek, you
can usually feel confident you want be crowded by other

The canyon section below the falls isn't fished very much
due to the difficulty in accessing it and the fact there are
so many other good streams in the same general area.
Most anglers pass over Lava Creek headed to the
Northeaster section of the park. Its a good place to get
away from everyone and a good place to catch large
numbers of trout.

The season doesn't usually get underway until after the
runoff near the third week of June This varies from year
to year.
There is little fishing in the spring part of the calendar
Summertime is the best time to fish Lava Creek.
Fall can be excellent during the brown trout spawn.

Fly Fishing Guide to Lava Creek
Fly fishing Lava Creek requires just a few basic
techniques. The lower section of Lava Creek is best
fished in an upstream direction using lots of short cast.
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