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Fly Fishing Guide for Lava Creek (YNP) Wyoming
This stream is divided by upper and lower Undine Falls. The method used for the upper
stream above the falls is strictly for small brook trout whereas the methods used for the
lower stream depends on the species of fish you are fishing for. The cutthroats are
generally small, the rainbows average and cutbows average. The resident browns tend to
average about 12 inches but during the Fall spawn, large brown trout move up into the
mouth of Lava Creek from the Gardner River which gets the migration from the Yellowstone
River. These large browns have been known to move all the way to near the falls but I
doubt you can count on that.

You can access the upper part above the falls at the Undine Falls parking area off the
Grand Loop Road. It is just over four miles from Mammoth. The Grand Loop Road crosses
Lava Creek about five miles from Mammoth and you can fish either upstream or
downstream from there. You can access the lower part by parking at the Grand Loop Road
bridge that crosses the Gardner River. The confluence of Lava Creek and the Gardner
River is just a short distance downstream of the bridge. The lower canyon section is difficult
to access in most places and impossible in others.

The brook trout in the upper part of Lava is an excellent place to stop off and catch a few
quick brookies. It is also a good place for the youngsters to learn how to fly fish. The lower
section of the stream requires a good hike to access but usually provides plenty of trout. It
is worth the trip. It consist of large boulders and fast pocket water.
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Lava Creek (YNP) Wyoming
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