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Hatches and Flies for Letort Spring Run, Pennsylvania
There are few aquatic insect hatches on the Letort Spring Run. Most of the food for the trout
consist of scuds and sowbugs. There are also some sculpin and minnows.

The first hatch that takes place in some sections of the creek are the Blue-winged Olives. This
occurs about the first of April and generally last about the entire month. From all we can
gather, this is not a large hatch.

There is a minor Sulfur hatch that takes place in some sections of the stream in May and June.
This is not a huge hatch and according to many anglers we have talked to, doesn't even exist
anymore. We have talked to some that disagree and say it still occurs. I think it may be just a
matter of the location on the stream.

Tricos are the most important mayfly hatch that takes place. It starts in June and last through
the most of September but it depends largely on the location.

The main food are the sowbugs and scuds. They are very plentiful. You want to be certain to
have imitations of these.

Midges hatch throughout the year and maybe the most important aquatic insect. You should
have imitations of their larvae, pupae and of the adult midges.

We think streamers are important flies to have with you. I would suggest small to medium size
one that imitate sculpin and baitfish.

The most important flies, according to the local anglers, are terrestrial imitations. Ants,
grasshoppers and beetles are all present and eaten by the trout. Some of the patterns for
these flies were developed on this trout stream. Another local favorite fly is the Jasid or leaf

We hope you will try our "Perfect Fly" trout flies here. We have the best scud and sowbug
imitations you can buy. Our Trico imitations cover every stage of the hatch and include flies for
the male and females that are different colors. If you haven't done so already, please give
them a try. You want be disappointed.
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