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Fly Fishing Bushkill Creek Pennsylvania
Big Bushkill Creek and its tributary stream, the Little
Bushkill Creek, are nice trout streams located in the
Poconos. The fishing area of Big Bushkill is less than
twelve miles long and half of it is under the Delayed
Harvest Fly Fishing Only Regulations of Pennsylvania. Big
Bushkill is a tributary of the Delaware River. The stream
starts above Jacobsburg Park.

There are several areas that offer access to the stream.
The Ressica Falls Scout Reservation is one of those areas.
It is a beautiful place to fish. The stream has several
smaller waterfalls that makes it a popular place for other
recreational users.

Parts of this stream can get too warm for good trout fishing
during the hot summer. Most anglers prefer to fish it during
the Spring and early June. That is one of the reasons for
the Delayed Harvest Section.

Little Bushkill is also a good trout stream. Likes its name
implies, it is just a small version of the Big Bushkill. Both
streams have good hatches and provide good dry fly
fishing at certain times of the year.

Bushkill Creek is fished as much or more by visiting anglers
as it is by local anglers. It is only seventy miles from New
York City. This stream is right on the New Jersey border
and naturally it gets a lot of anglers from there.

The local TU organization and other organizations have
spent a lot of time and effort to make this stream excellent.
They are responsible for it being in far better condition that
it would be otherwise. Two manufacturers located along the
stream has provided about a mile of access to the stream.
Some access is provided by a county park system.

The best fishing for fly fishing Big Bushkill Creek is in the
Spring, early Summer and Fall months of the year due to
warm summertime water temperatures.
Spring is the best time due to the aquatic insect  hatches.
Only the first part of the summer or early June provides
good fishing.
The water gets cool again in October and the fishing will
pick back up.

Fly Fishing Guide to the
The stream has some good sized pools, long runs and
some riffles.
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Type of Stream
Limestone Spring Creek

Brown Trout
Rainbow Trout
Brook Trout
(Stocked with Holdovers and some
Streambred brown trout)

Medium to Large

Northeastern Pennsylvania

Nearest Towns

Year-round Delayed Harvest Section

Fair to Good

Non-Resident License
State of Pennsylvania

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Hatch Chart
Perfect Fly Hatch Chart

Fly Fishing Guide

Hatches and Flies

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Little Bushkill Creek
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Photo Courtesy of
Dennis McCarthy
Big Bushkill Creek
Photo Courtesy of
Dennis McCarthy
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