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Fly Fishing Guide for Bushkill Creek Pennsylvania

The section of the stream near Stockertown, has several springs that help
keep the water cooler during the summer. The Little Bushkill Creek
converges with the Bushkill just below Stockertown. It provides good
fishing for about seven miles above Stockertown.

The stream has four tributary streams, all of which help with flows and by
helping keep the water cool in the hot summer. Sobers Run, which enters
the stream in Jacobsburg Park; Little Bushkill which enters the stream just
below Stockertown; Schoeneck Creek, a very small spring stream, and
Spring Brook enter it in Easton. Although they all help some in cooling the
water, the only one that provides additional fishing is the Little Bushkill.

Some of the stream consist of pocket water. There is a section near
Tatamy that has some fast water runs and riffles. Some of the stream has
a more typical limestone spring creek look with slow to moderate flows.
How you go about fishing the stream most effectively greatly depends on
the particular type of water or section that you are fishing.
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