Little Lehigh Creek
Copyright 2013 James Marsh
Fly Fishing Guide for LIttle Lehigh Creek Pennsylvania

This is strictly small stream, spring creek fishing. The trout can become selective in the
areas where they are pressured the most. The stream born brown trout are difficult to fool.
You always want to use light gear, just not too light. You don't want to lose a good size
brown trout because you were using too light of gear. In general, use long, light leaders and
tippets. Drag free drifts are a must. In many cases being successful on this stream requires
that you match the hatch fairly closely. This is especially true of the Trico, a major mayfly
hatch that occurs over a long period of time.

You should always try to avoid wading this stream. When you wade you are always taking a
chance of spooking the trout. There are situations where you must wade to reach some
prime lies of the trout, but we recommend wading only when you have to.

You will find that trout in the short sections of riffles between the pools are the easiest
places to catch trout but you should also keep in mind the trout are normally smaller in the
riffles and faster water of the runs. The larger brown trout tend to stay in the pools and
under the undercut banks. When you are moving upstream fishing, we suggest you try
running a nymph or small streamer down all of the undercut banks in the pools prior to
fishing the faster water.
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