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Fly Fishing Guide for Little River (East Prong) GSMNP
Tennessee (Continued from page 1)

From the Long Arm Bridge all the way upstream to the Elkmont Campground you'll find
a great stretch of water. This is no secret. It will usually have several anglers testing its
water.  This area contains the classic pool, riffle, run stream makeup that allows the
trout the opportunity to select prime lies throughout the changing seasons.

From the Elkmont Campground upstream is another great stretch of water. It is slightly
over 4 miles to its major tributary stream, Fish Camp Prong. In the lower section of this
stretch there are plenty of brown trout but they will become fewer or them the farther
you travel upstream. The stream stays larger than one may expect all the way to the
Fish Camp Prong, but from that point upstream, Little River is much smaller.

This part of Little River cannot be reached by a vehicle. You have to hike in but even
so, it still gets a lot of pressure from anglers. There are upstream back country

Theres several tributary streams to the Little River. Some are large and other are very
small. The first one coming upstream from the lower section of the river is Meigs
Creek. It is a very small stream that enters the river just below the Sinks. It is a popular
spot for sightseers because of its waterfall visible from the road. It contains brook trout
upstream of there. Laurel Creek is another very small stream. It has some rainbows
and brook trout in its upper section. The next tributary is Jakes Creek, a small stream
that comes into Little River in the Elkmont Campground. This is a good alternative for
high water.

Fish Camp Prong is a large tributary of Little River. Most anglers fishing it would prefer
to stay at a back country campground. It has lots of rainbow trout with brook trout in its
headwaters. Rough Creek is a small tributary stream that enter Little River well
upstream. It has both rainbows and brook trout.

I will summarize the Little River by saying it has the best of two different types of
access - paved roads and excellent backcounty trails. Its population of rainbow and
brown trout, some of which grow to a large size, make it one of the prime Great Smoky
Mountains National Park destinations.
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Little River Tennessee
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