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Little River (Middle Prong) GSMNP
The Middle Prong of the Little River is a tributary of the
of Little River, one of the major streams in Great Smoky
Mountains National Park. It is a small, beautiful  
freestone stream. The elevation of the stream in its
lower part is fairly low and the stream gets too warm for
good trout fishing during the hot summer. The
headwaters are at a higher elevations, well shaded by
trees and the water remains a cool temperature
throughout the year.

The main stream is formed by the confluence of two
other small streams - Lynn Camp Prong and
Thunderhead Prong. These two small streams join
about four miles up the main stem of the Middle Prong.

The lower four miles is followed closely by a road. Trails
access the upper headwaters. At this time, above the
cascades, Lynn Camp Prong is undergoing a major
change. All of the rainbow and other fish are being
removed and it will be restocked with native brook trout.
It is closed to fishing at the present time.

All the streams in Great Smoky Mountains National Park
(except those closed for special projects) are open to
Spring is by far the best time to fish the Middle Prong.
The only water that would be fishable during the hot
summer would be Thunderhead Prong and other small
tributary streams in the headwaters.
The water will cool off in mid to late October and the
fishing will improve.
The winter season can provide some very good fishing
for trout, especially on mild, warmer days.

Fly Fishing Guide to the Middle Prong of the Little
The Middle Prong of Little River is a story book stream
to fish with dry flies. It has continuous pools, runs and
riffles where almost every place looks like the perfect
spot for a trout to be holding just waiting for something
drifting down stream to eat. Most of the time, and some
days even during the winter, dry flies will catch trout on
this stream.

Access to the lower four miles is as good as it gets. A
road follows along the stream for its entire length. It is
paved for about the first two miles and then changes to
a dirt road for the next two miles. There is a large
parking area at the end of the road.

One of the better places to fish in this watershed is
Sams Creek, a tributary of Thunderhead Prong. It
provides excellent fishing for the native brook trout.
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Type of Stream

Brown Trout
Rainbow Trout
Brook Trout

Small to Medium

Great Smoky Mountains National

Nearest Towns
Knoxville, Tennessee
Townsend, Tennessee

Year - round

Very Good

Special Regulations

Non-Resident License
Either the State of Tennessee or the
State of North Carolina

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