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Fly Fishing Guide for the Little Schuylkill River Pennsylvania
Most of the Little Schuylkill River is made up of fast pocket water. It is one of the better
freestone streams in the state. There's some very fast water runs and even plunges that exist in
the upper parts of the stream, but most of the stream consist of the typical pool, run and riffle
type of water.

Beware that the river can be difficult to wade due to the slick bottom. The bottom varies greatly
with sudden drops in some places and you need to use caution wading.

The best way to fish the river is to fish in an upstream direction making shorter, up and across
presentations. Most of the trout can be caught in the faster water of the runs and riffles. The
pools also contain trout but they are far more difficult to catch, especially if there isn't a hatch
underway. If you can catch one of the many hatches underway, you can experience some great
dry fly fishing.

The High Stickin method of nymph fishing works great on this stream. There are plenty of runs
and riffles where you can catch trout on mayfly and stonefly nymphs and caddisfly larvae
imitations. Many anglers use tandem or double fly rigs with a larger dry fly on the surface and a
nymph or larva dropper fly.

As mentioned in the opening, the best wild trout fishing in near the mouths of the feeder
streams. If you are fishing during the warmer times of the year, we recommend fishing near the
feeder stream mouths where cooler water enters the river.
Little Schuylkill
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Photo Courtesy of
Dennis McCarthy
Photo Courtesy of
Dennis McCarthy