Logan River Trout
Logan River Brown Trout
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Fly Fishing The Logan River Utah
The Logan River's headwaters are in the Bear River
Mountains in Idaho. It flows into and through the Logan
Canyon and the Wasatch-Cache National Forest to the
city of Logan, Utah. It joins the Little Bear River a few
miles west of Logan. The river is dammed at 1st, 2nd,
and 3rd dams at the mouth of Logan Canyon.

The Logan River is a fine trout stream. Wild trout are in
the freestone section of the river above the
impoundments called the first, second and third dams.  -
It has a good population of wild brown and cutthroat
trout. Cutthroats are more plentiful in the higher

The river is accessible from US Hwy #89. There are over
thirty miles of easy to access water with good fly fishing

Brown and rainbow trout dominate the population in the
lower river and the impoundments.  The impoundments
are heavily stocked with good size rainbows are also
popular fishing destinations, especially during the
summer months. The upper river, lakes and lower river
all provide a very diverse opportunity for fly fishing the
Logan River.

You will find Winter Stoneflies hatching in late winter
along with plenty of midges. Blue-winged Olives hatch in
March and April and again in September and October.
You will find Golden Stoneflies and Little Yellow
Stoneflies hatching in May and early June. You will find
various species of Spotted Sedges, Little Short-horned
sedges, and Little Black Stoneflies starting to hatch in
April and, depending on the species, through
September. The river has lots of sculpin and baitfish and
streamers work well under low light conditions.

While generic standard trout flies work to some extent,
Perfect Fly specific imitations of the above insects
produce much better. If you haven't tried them already,
give them a chance to perform for you and you will see a
substantial difference in your success.

There is a limit of two trout and whitefish in the
aggregate and artificial flies and lures only from Card
Canyon Bridge upstream to the highway bridge at Red
Banks Campground, including all tributary streams in
between. The area from the highway bridge at Red
Banks Campground upstream to the Idaho state line,
including all tributaries, is closed from January 1 through
the second Saturday of July. When open, the limit in this
section is 2 trout and whitefish in the aggregate

You can fish the river year-round. See above restrictions
The fishing can be good on nice, warm days during the
Springtime is an excellent time to fish the Logan River
but it can be high and off color during the runoff.
Fly fishing the Logan River during the Summer is good
except during the hottest days of Summer..
The autumn season is an excellent time for fly fishing
the Logan River because its brown trout spawn during
the Fall.
Type of Stream
Freestone Stream with series of
lakes with dams but unregulated by

Species (depends on section)
Brown Trout (wild and stocked)
Rainbow Trout (wild and stocked)
Bonneville Cutthroat Trout (native,
wild and stocked)


Northern Utah

Nearest Towns

Year-round in some areas but not all


Special Regulations
Yes, you should review the current
regulations which are subject to
change each year.

Non-Resident License
State of Utah

National Weather Service Link

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Logan River Utah
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