Loyalhanna Creek Brown Trout
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Fly Fishing Loyalhanna Creek
Loyalhanna Creek is one of southwestern
Pennsylvania's trout streams with a "Delayed Harvest -
Artificial Lures/Flies Only" section. It's located near
Pittsburg which is near the town of Ligonier.

Loyalhanna Creek is a fairly large trout stream,
averaging better than fifty feet in width. It's made up
mostly of big pools and riffles but there's some runs and
pocket water. Unless there has been a good rain, the
overall flow is slow. There's a lot of tree and brush cover
along the stream to help keep the water cool.

The stream has a good population of holdover brown
trout and is heavily stocked by the state. Fly fishing
Loyalhanna Creek can range from easy to difficult
depending on the time of the year and whether your
catching holdover or newly stocked trout.

The stream begins near Stahlstown. State Route #711
and #381 follows the stream downstream to the town of
Ligonier. The delayed harvest section begins there. It's
a mile and a half long and runs from State Route #771
downstream to State Route #2045. In addition to Route
711, you can access the stream from Route #30 and
#2045. Mill Creek is a small tributary stream that enters
Loyalhanna Creek in the delayed harvest section. The
creek fishes just as well downstream below the DH
section all the way to Kingston. Below Kingston, the
water temperature gets too warm during the summer
and the trout tend to thin out.

The stream has a fairly good population of aquaticf
insects. Mayflies, stoneflies and caddisflies are present
and dry fly fishing can be good at times. Terrestrial are
popular during the warmer months of the year.
Streamers catch many of the larger holdover trout along
with nymphs. Fly fishing Loyalhanna Creek isn't as good
as it is fishing some of the best streams in Pennsylvania,
but it's certainly worth a trip, especially if you live near
the Pittsburg area.

The season is the standard Pennsylvania trout season.
Springtime is a good time for fly fishing Loyalhanna
Creek due to the hatches.
Summertime can be okay in most parts of the stream.
Fall is the best time to catch a larger brown trout
because of the spawn.

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Loyalhanna Creek Pennsylvania
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