Marias River Montana Trout
Copyright 2017 James Marsh
Fly Fishing The Marias River in Montana
Central Montana doesn't have as many famous trout
streams as some of the other sections of the state but
that's doesn't mean it doesn't have some infamous ones
that are very good trout streams. The Marias River is
one of those almost unheard of streams. It is a 210 mile
long tributary of the Missouri River; however, only a
small portion of the river's length holds trout. Fly fishing
the Marias River tailwater can produce some very nice

The Marias River is formed by the confluence of Cut
Bank Creek and Two Medicine River. The uppermost
sixty miles is too warm for trout. It flows into Lake Elwell
above Tiber Dam. It's the twelve mile stretch of tailwater
below the dam that provides the excellent trout fishing

The tailwater lies in very remote country side and it wide
and deep. Wading is difficult in most areas. It consist of
several braided areas with lots of deep pools with a few
scattered runs and riffles. It is best fished from a
pontoon type drift boat.

The Marias River has some very nice size brown trout
and rainbows as well. Some of the browns reach large
sizes. The river has cottonwood trees along its banks
mixed in with lots of brush and bushes.

Fly fishing the Marias River can be good any day of the
Springtime is a prime time for fly fishing the Marias
Summertime is the most popular time to fish the stream.
Fall is an excellent time to fish the Marias River. The
brown trout spawn and are easier to catch.

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