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Fly Fishing Guide to the Middle River - Yellowstone National Park
The brook trout seem to run very large in this stream or at least we always seem to catch some
nice ones. They are plentiful and fun to catch. The East Entrance Road follows closely along
the river for about five miles, but in most places you cannot see it from the road. It is usually
within a couple of hundred yards at the most. When the decline of the stream begins to get
steep, it turns away from the road and runs up the mountain and a very steep decline. This
part of the stream generally holds smaller fish than the lower section.

Although attractor and generic imitations work okay for the cutthroat and brook trout, you are
still far better off fishing a specific imitation of whatever is hatching or about to hatch in the
Middle River. There are several very good hatches as you can see from reading our hatches
section. Pale Morning Duns and Spotted Sedges are very plentiful in the lower end of the river.

Some brown trout move out of the North Fork and up into Middle River during the end of
August through September to spawn. There are few people that fish for them there because of
all the other nearby good fishing all the way to Cody. If you fish during that time, we suggest
you carry some streamers along.

Although you can catch trout all the way to the very steep part of the Middle River, the fish are
generally larger in the lower section of the river. This stream is fished very little. We have
never seen another angler fishing there. We have also always caught more than enough trout.
If you come into Yellowstone using the East Entrance or if you are on the Yellowstone River
near the lake, you should drive over the mountain and give the Middle River a try. You will be
glad you did.
Middle River, YNP
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