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Fly Fishing Four, Seven, Eight, Sixteen,
and Twenty Mile Creeks Pennsylvania
There are several tributaries of Lake Erie east of Erie,
Pennsylvania, that are named by their respective
distances from Erie south of Route #5. These are Four
Mile Creek, Seven Mile Creek, Eight Mile Creek, Sixteen
Mile Creek and Twenty Mile Creek. All of these tributary
streams of Lake Erie have nice runs of steelhead.

As with most Great Lakes steelhead streams, the fish
move into the river on higher water levels. These levels
greatly influence the location and numbers of fish at any
given time. The steelhead are generally available from
Fall through Spring.

The steelhead probably average about five to eight
pounds. That's a little smaller than some of the other
Great Lake's tributaries but there are usually good
numbers of them and they can get larger.

Steelhead will hold near the mouth during the early fall
when water levels are low. After heavy rains, they will
move upstream. With high water levels the fish move
much further upstream.

Four Mile Creek is about four miles from Erie. Access is
provided from Four Mile Creek Road off Route #5.
Seven Mile Creek is three miles more east of Four Mile
Creek. The property along Seven Mile Creek is owned
by the Glinodo Center. You can obtain permission to
walk in and fish. Eight Mile Creek is a mile further East.
It's a fairly small stream and unless the water is fairly
high, it needs to be fished near Lake Erie. Three miles
more from Erie you will find Twelve Mile Creek. You
would normally want to fish this stream South of Route
#5 to the lake. Access is provided from Shorewood Drive
which runs along Twelve Mile Creek. Sixteen Mile Creek
is five miles further east on Rt. #5. This is a larger size
creek with good access. The migration of the steelhead
is limited by a waterfall south of Route #5. There are
several locations along Eighteen Mile Creek where you
can access the stream. By the way, there's also an
Eighteen Mile Creek on Lake Ontario. Twenty Mile
Creek is the best and largest of the streams. It is also
the most popular which means it can be crowded at
times. The stream starts in the state of New York. Only
the last four miles of the stream are located in
Pennsylvania. Twenty Mile Creek is also stocked with

The trout season is from early Fall to late Spring..
Steelhead remain in the streams until the end of April.
During the Summer, the water is too low and warm for
Steelhead begin to enter the creeks in early October.
Wintertime is the best time the fish the Miles Creeks for
steelhead but January and February can have some
very cold days where the fish become difficult to catch.
Type of Stream

Brown Trout (Stocked)

Small to Medium

Northwestern Pennsylvania

Nearest Town

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Special Regulations

Non-Resident License
State of Pennsylvania

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Miles Creeks Pennsylvania Fishing Report:
10/30/16 There are steelhead in all of the creek but
mostly up in the stream, rather than near the
entrances. Nymphs and egg flies are working best with
the lower water, swinging when it is up. Check out our
Perfect Fly steelhead flies.
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