Mill Creek Virginia
Mill Creek Virginia
Mill Creek Virginia
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Fly Fishing Mill Creek Virginia
There are plenty of creeks called Mill Creek but this one
is the Mill Creek not far off I-81 above the little town of
Goshen, Virginia. Highway #39 follows it for several
miles. Mill Creek joins the Cowpasture River and forms
the Maury River.

The upper parts has some rough water, with big
boulders, short plunges, cascades, riffles and runs. The
lower the river gets, the more it smooths out. It's difficult
to tell it's a limestone stream in some places unless you
look at it closely.

Mill Creek is stocked by the state of Virgina six times a
year. There are some holdover trout. We have only
fished Mill Creek on one occasion. We managed to
catch a few trout but all of them were probably stocked
within the previous few months. We didn't catch
anything over twelve inches but there may be plenty
that are much larger.

The fishing methods should vary depending on the
section of the stream you fish. In the faster water, you
would need to make short, upstream cast. In some of
the larger pools, you may need to drift nymphs deep or
using multiple rigs. At certain times of the year, the local
residents of Goshen told us the stream can become
crowded in places. I would assume this is shortly after
the stream is stocked.

If you want to catch one of the large holdover trout, we
suggest you use a specific imitation of the natural foods
the trout eat. We have Perfect Fly imitations of all
aquatic and terrestrial insects as well as other foods like
sculpin and baitfish.

The season runs year-round
Trout can be caught on warm winter days.
Spring is the best time for fly fishing Mill Creek.
Summertime is okay, if you fish the right places, thanks
to the cool spring water and heavy canopy of bushes
and trees. Many areas will become too warm.
Fall is the best time for big holdover browns.

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