Fly Fishing The Minam River Oregon
The Minam River starts from Blue Lake and flows for
about fifty miles, mostly through the Eagle Cap
Wilderness. It joins the Wallowa River not far north of
Minam, Oregon.

Almost the entire river, or 39 miles of it, is a designated
Wild and Scenic River. Best of all, the rules permit only
flies and artificial lures. Only the lower nine miles of the
river has road access. The rest requires hiking or
horseback trips to fish its waters. There are remote
lodges that have fly in services.

The headwaters flow from the highest mountains in the
Eagle Cap Wilderness at a very steep decline. The river
finally levels some to flow through a timbered valley and
then into a rugged canyon.

Fly fishing the Minam River would be a wonderful
experience even if you didn't catch a trout. It's one more
beautiful river surrounded by country That's nothing
short of splendid. Anglers will catch plenty of trout;
however, because the river has a very good population
of wild trout.

Access to the lower nine miles from Minam to Meads Flat
is easy from along a road that follows the entire section.
Above Meads Flat, a hiking trail runs along the river for
forty miles to its headwaters. Minam River Lodge is
about eight miles upstream from the trailhead.

The river can be fished prior to the runoff for a short
time during some years, but otherwise, it's usually about
the middle of July before the runoff subsides enough to

There are plenty of campsites in the Eagle Cap
Wilderness. The River is popular with both anglers and
hikers and many do both. About seven miles upstream
of the trialhead at Meads Flat is the Milam River Lodge,
a full service public lodge with tent sites available. They
also arrange float trips.

The Miman River is the only river outside of Alaska that
lies entirely within designated wildernesss. It drops from
about 7000 feet through rugged limestone and granite ,
flows through green meadows in a glacial valley and
into  deep forest of ponderosa pine. Wild rainbow, native
cuttroat and bull trout along with bald eagles, elk,
cougars, bears and a host of other wildlife make fly
fishing the Miman River a true outdoor, wilderness

The Minam River isn't for everyone. Only the eight lower
miles of the fifty mile long river has road access. Most of
the trout doesn't see a fly all season long because of its

The season runs from May 27 through October 31

Late Spring can be okay for rainbows depending on the
runoff and weather.
Summertime is the best time for rainbow trout fishing.
Early Fall is usually very good.

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Type of Stream

Steelhead (fishing prohibited)
Rainbow Trout (Wild)
Brown Trout (Wild)
Brook Trout (Wild)
Bull Trout (Native)
Chinook Salmon (fishing prohibited)

Small to Medium, 50 miles long

Northeastern Oregon

Nearest Towns

May 27 to October 31

Lower section good, upper section
requires long hikes or horseback trips

Non-Resident License
State of Oregon

National Weather Service

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