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Fly Fishing Guide to Monture Creek Montana
The story goes that Meriwether Lewis first named the stream after his Newfoundland dog,
Seamon. Seamon Creek was later renamed after a man name George Monture, an Army Scout
who was the first white man with the courage to travel into the Blackfoot Indian territory. This
has nothing to do with fishing the stream, but it will probably make you stop and think about
how it may have been to have fished it before anyone other than the Blackfoot Indians.

The first time we ever fished the stream, we just discovered it traveling to the Little Blackfoot
River miles away. I couldn't help but want to stop and cast a fly in it. I had never as much as
heard of it, even though we had fished the Blackfoot River a couple of times prior to that. On
my first cast, a ten inch Westslope Cutthroat Trout ate the dry fly. That did it, I suppose, and
we have enjoyed fishing the creek several times since. Catching trout is about as simple as it
gets. Just make your way upstream casting a fly in all the likely places.

The upper part can get tricky to navigate. You will probably find a some log jambs and
deadfalls in the stream, which is a good thing for the fish, but not so good for making your way
upstream. All the time you are fighting through the brush, you cannot help but think how long it
is going to be before a Grizzly is going to be looking you square in the eyes. It has never
bothered us at Yellowstone but for some reason, it stays on both our minds when we fish
Monture Creek. We are very noisy angles but apparently we haven't bothered anyone else
because we have never seen anyone fishing Monture Creek but us. Maybe that is why.

We have never fished anything but a dry fly because we have always been able to catch plenty
of trout on the dry. Most of the trout in the upper portions are cutthroats. Most of the brown
and rainbow trout are found in the lower part of the stream. They are also relatively easy to
catch. On one occasion we fished the stream in late summer, it was low and the water flowed
very slow in many parts of the stream. Even then we were able to catch plenty of trout. Each of
the pools seemed to have several trout in them willing to take a dry fly. The water was in the
high sixties. I would think one shouldn't fish the stream with it much warmer than that.

We have yet to spot a Bull Trout in the creek, but we suspect they are mostly there in late
summer and the early fall to spawn. We have not fished during that time and of course, you
are not supposed to catch one. It would probably be something else to see one try to eat a
small trout you had on.
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Monture Creek Montana