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Hatches and Trout Flies for Monture Creek Montana
As with most all the streams in the area, baetis mayflies (Blue-winged Olives) hatch from mid
March until mid June. There is yet another hatch that takes place in September, October and
part of November.

Green Drakes hatch from about the middle of June into the first or second week of July. The
runoff may catch part of this hatch.

Pale Morning Duns, or PMDs as they are called, hatch from about the first of June all the way
through the month of September, depending on the location. This is one of the better mayfly
hatches. The little Mahogany Duns hatch in September and October.

Tricos hatch in the slower water sections of the stream starting about the last week of July all
the way until the first week or two in October. This is one of the better hatches provided you
can handle the small flies.

The creek has a few Salmonflies that hatch but it may occur during the spring runoff period. It
occurs from about the last week of May into June. Golden Stoneflies hatch during July and
August. Yellow Sallies hatch from about the first of June through August.

Several species of caddisflies are present - the Spotted Sedge being the most plentiful. It
generally hatches from the middle of May until the end of August, depending on the particular
species. They are all very similar. Little Short-horned Sedges hatch from about the middle of
June through July.

Different species of Green Sedges hatch from about the middle of June all the way through
September. The Rock Worm, or an imitation of their larva, works great just about all year. The
last big caddisfly hatch is the October Caddis which takes place from about the middle of
September through the middle of October.

Terrestrial are very important during the summer. Grasshopper work from about the first week
of July though the month of September. There are also plenty of beetles and ants.

If you want to catch some big trout, don't overlook streamers. Monture Creek has a good
population of sculpin, minnows and other baitfish.

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