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Hatches and Flies for the Musconetcong River in New Jersey
The earliest hatches on the Musconetcong River are the early stoneflies. Little Winter
Stoneflies, often called Little Back Stoneflies, begin hatching in February and last through
the month of March.

The next hatch is usually some little Blue-winged Olives. The mayflies are bi-brooded and
hatch twice a year in the Musconetcong River. The normally hatch starting in mid March and
last through April. They hatch again in late August and September.

Blue Quills usually start sometimes in the first of April. These and other April hatches are
rely very much on the early season weather. The exact times can vary greatly at this time of
the year. Normally the hatch will last all of April. In addition, the Hendersons and Red Quill
mayflies will start in April. Again, it is highly weather dependent. The Hendricksons usually
run just behind the Blue Quill and the hatch ends about a week or two past the Blue Quills.

In April you will also find the Grannon Caddisflies, including Little Black Caddis and the later,
Apple Caddis, both of the Grannon genus of caddisflies, will hatch. Both of these hatches
cans string out last into the first of June.

Cinnamon caddis are the most prolific of the caddisflies on the Musconetcong River. They
start as early as mid April and last through June. There are several species of these
net-spinning caddisflies. The Green Sedges, or Green caddis whichever you prefer, start
hatching in May and last into the first of July. Trout can be taken on imitations of their
larvae, or Green Rock Worms as they are called during most of the fishing season.

Sulphurs begin to hatch in mid May and last into July. There are also hatches of Eastern
Pale Evening Duns, also called Sulphurs, that precede this hatch by about two weeks of the
true Sulphurs. It ends about two weeks prior to the true Sulphur hatch.

LIght Cahill mayflies start hatching around the first of May and last through June. You will
find these in the faster water sections of the stream.

Eastern Green Drakes hatch to some extent. They usually show up about the middle of May
and last for about two or three weeks at the most. This isn't a very prolific hatch.

Slate Drakes start hatching in May and last through September. However, the bulk of this
hatch takes place in May and early June, then again in late August and September.

Trico mayflies, or the White Winged Curse, start to appear about the middle of June in the
slow water sections of the Musconetcong River. These hatch for about two months. White
Flies show up in August and September in the slow water sections.

Great Autumn Brown Sedges hatch in September and the first two week of October. These
large caddisflies hatch during the evenings but imitations of both the larva and the adult egg
layers are effective in the afternoons.

Don't overlook terrestrial insects. Imitations of ants, beetles and grasshoppers work from
late June through September. Streamers imitating sculpin, crayfish, baitfish and minnows
work year-round. They are great in dingy water and very early and very late in the day.
Musconetcong River
New Jersey
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